Headquartered in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Maru Metal Industry (MMI) was established in 1975 by Maru Teferra. As a small workshop MM l’s first business was manufacturing beds, metal doors, windows and fences. Later shifted to constructing trusses, silos, and mobile houses. MARU is today recognized as one of the best known Metal Industry in Ethiopia. MMl’s activities include the manufacturing of specialized trailers for the transportation industry, fuel, water, or chemical truck-mounted tankers, bulk/ dry cargo body: skeleton or platform, van box with or without refrigeration unit, construction or mining tipper bodies, pre-engineered steel buildings and cold rooms. MARU  also gives per customer design custom fabrication service and different industrial equipment installation service.


At Maru, the achievement of the quality objective is an ideology firmly entrenched in all facets of our operations. We seek to maintain the highest level of quality in our products, services, and an equally important business aspect, our transaction process.

Keeping total customer satisfaction and product quality is our ultimate goal, we establish exacting standards or defining high standard quality of material inputs and finished products.

All our on-line test facilities are equipped with requisite hardware and trained personnel with skill and commitment, who ensure that a consistent quality level is always a given condition. Our unique serial numbers for parts provide full traceability and transparency for all material and labor.

Every part produced can be traced and reproduced to the exact specification of the original. We maintain a comprehensive library of safety, technical inspection, and test plans that exceed the requirement of our most demanding customers, across industries as diverse as mining, agro-industry and transport.



The Maru Way is a simple philosophy: high-quality products, complete customer satisfaction, and continuous improvement.

MMl’s impressive growth is a result of a mission to create value for the customer throughout all our products and services. This translates into a firm grasp of market requirements and total commitment to customer satisfaction. This is further strengthened by a relentless drive to achieve and maintain a competitive edge through innovation, increasing efficiency, and on-going investment program in current technologies and human resources.



Maru’s management style and approach reflect a long-term vision. We have embraced the concept of KAIZEN management and incorporated it into the DNA of our corporate philosophy.